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Colt Starting

We believe that horses need that all important foundation no matter which discipline you choose for them. This helps set them up for whatever the future may hold. A safe willing partner is an enjoyable horse with a limitless future.

Basic Training

At times horses may need some conditioning or a refresher after sometime off. May you want to give them more exposure to new or different things or need help making your horse become a more enjoyable, safer trail mount. Our basic training can help re-establish the manners & respect that the horse needs to have for the rider. This is so important to the riders safety and effects every aspect of how the horse behaves with the handler/rider. We do this in a gentle way which builds trust. Enjoy the passion that horses can bring to our lives.

Give us a call & come out to meet with us to discuss your horse and its future.

References are available on request.

Horse Training: